Nine years ago I had my second daughter at age 42. I've always been in pretty good shape most of my life - thanks to running, hiking and other activities. But after giving birth, I noticed my body wasn't bouncing back the way it used to. The weight I gained from the pregnancy was in my belly, hips and thighs - and from the looks if it, was there to stay.


During that time, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia. My physician recommended that I start lifting weights to avoid fill-blown Osteoporosis. Taking his advice, I went to join a fitness club and signed-up with a trainer.


Slowly I began losing the fat I gained - but with the price of my back going out frequently. I went back to my physician and told him my issues with my back and my neck. I soon realized that my current trainer wasn't able to customize a workout for someone with my specific limitations. I decided then and there that I wanted to study to become a personal trainer. With my education, training skills and expertise - I'm able to help other women like me who would excel with an individualized training plan.


Awhile back, I went to visit my 89 year-old Grandmother at her Assisted Living Facility. Even though she was bound to a wheelchair, that didn't stop her from getting the physical exercise she needed at her age.


During the visit, she took me to the facility's gym. With a smile on her face, she reached out and grabbed a 5 lb. dumbbell. She slowly lifted the weight into a curl and repeat as she counted.

The look on my Grandmothers face was a look of pride. Watching how she felt after accomplishing this task gave me an idea... I decided I would LOVE  to help women build their strength, fitness goals and overall confidence. From physical limitations, post-pregnancy weight, being conscious about going to the gym - I was ready to help these women achieve their goals. Women or seniors who may be homebound and not able to get to a gym - I would come to them and build their strength.

Now, with my new found knowledge and motivation, I decided to launch Blake Leigh Personal Training

Let me come with you on your journey.



e:  blakeleightraining@gmail.com

p:  (917) 846-3084

h:  M - F from 5am - 3pm



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